4 Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Super Bowl Bash


ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBAAAAALL? I can’t believe this Sunday is the end of football! So I thought, why not go out with a bang and throw an awesome party? There’s only one problem: I’m running out time and money.

That is why I have put together this list of 4 quick, easy, and cheap tips to bring your average football-watching party up to Super Bowl level.

1.  Football Field Table Cloth

Does your table need to be a little more festive? Try this simple tip:



  • Butcher paper or an equivalent (brown or green would be best)
  • Masking tape/paint/marker

Take the butcher paper, and cut it the length of your table. Then make yard lines to make your table into it’s own football field! You can do this by painting or drawing them on (you might want to use a ruler), or even just using  masking tape for the lines.


Make sure to tape down the edges so the field doesn’t move under the players!

2.  Toothpick Pennants


I think your food needs some team spirit too!


  • Toothpicks
  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Markers

Cut out a long rectangle (about 3 in) from paper of your team’s colors. Fold them in Half and then you can cut them to make other shapes if you want.

IMG_3434.JPG   IMG_3436.JPG

Write the team name, logo, draw a picture, or whatever you want on both ends, but on the same side, of the paper.


Then put glue all over the back, place the toothpick in the middle, then fold the paper around it, lining up the ends.


These are perfect to stick it on your sliders or cupcakes! If you have people rooting for both teams, make some of each or just make them neutral with footballs or yard lines.


Step up your party with these next two activities that are perfect to make Sunday a double game day-play games while you watch the game!

3. Chalk Field Goal

Close up with chalk marks

This is a great game for the kids at the party, or even for the adults!


  • Large piece of butcher paper or an equivalent (darker color is best)
  • Masking tape
  • Sharpie (optional-only for labeling)
  • Chalk (big sidewalk chalk may be easier)
  • Football (doesn’t even have to be a real one, a foam ball is actually better!)

Simply hang the butcher paper on the wall and make a giant goal post our of masking tape.

Full shot field goal

Then put masking tape lines on the floor, representing the different yard lines you can throw from. (Obviously you would put them farther apart, this was just to give you an idea of what I meant)

Three lines close

The next step is to play! Rub some chalk on the tip of the football, so when you throw it, the ball leaves a chalk mark on the paper so you know where it hit. Keep score if you want to and enjoy this Super fun game!

Close up with chalk marks

4. Commercial BINGO!

SuperBowl Commercial Collage

Personally, the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl, so why not make a game out of them!


  • Paper
  • Markers

Create a 5×5 grid by hand or on the computer, and in each square, put a different company or product that you think is going to be advertised this year during the game. The first one to get five in a row wins!

It’s really fun if everyone has to make their own board and guess this year’s top commercials!

What are your favorite Super Bowl decorations and activities?

Well, I hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday!



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  1. Very informative post and easy to follow too. Sounds like I need to give these tips a try next time football seasons comes back around. Cant wait to see what you come up with for the other upcoming sporting events. Might I suggest doing something like this for the Winter Olympic Games?

  2. This looks really fun! I’m going to try this with my younger sisters. Might I add, I simply love your title and your header!

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