Easter Bunny



As we all know, Easter is just around the corner, so I thought my blog was due for another holiday craft session! What do you think of when you think of easter? Well it may not be the first thing we’re supposed to think about, but I think about Bunnies. The cute little animals that bring the Easter eggs!

I was inspired by this little furry creature, which is why my projects for this post are how to make your own eggs and carrots! And no, this is not a cooking post, I am going to show you how to make fake versions of these common easter decorations with materials you have laying around the house!

Both of the projects I have for you today are great for center pieces or decorations around your home to add a little festiveness and Easter spirit!

Paper Eggs


These are great for a center piece or to hang on the wall!


-Paper (colored or patterned on both sides-scrapbook paper will work well)





1. Cut at least 5 pieces of paper into an egg shape (I am using just solid colored paper so it is easier to see)  *I highly suggest drawing the shapes lightly with a pencil first


2. Line up all of the papers and staple down the middle.

IMG_6717  IMG_1344

3. Spread out the papers

IMG_1271  IMG_4454


Twine Carrots


What do bunnies eat? Carrots of course!


-Tall, fake grass or green pipe leaners or thinly cut green paper (I am just using the stems of fake flowers)

-Newspaper ( I am just using my recycling)

-Packing tape

-Twine, or other string if you don’t have any (beige or orange are best)                                                                                  *If you don’t have the right color, try this to dye it!



1. Remove flowers from stems (if necessary)


2. Mold the newspaper around the base of the grass into a carrot-esque shape

IMG_3941  IMG_4138

2. Use packing tape to secure the paper


3. Then put another layer of packing around the carrot, except this time, put the tape upside down, that’s right, sticky side up! This will allow the twine to easily stick to the carrot. (you may use hot glue to secure the twine, but I find tape easier)

4. Wrap the twine tightly around the way around the carrot



Here’s a list of cute ways to dye Easter Eggs that I thought y’all might enjoy!


My personal favorite type of bunny: CHOCOLATE!


P.S. Why is it that Easter is symbolized with bunnies and eggs, when bunnies don’t even lay eggs?

Tell me some of your favorite Easter crafts!


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  1. Neat ideas! When I think of easter I think of all the chocalety sweets! Also, for easter my family tend to fill eggs with confetti and crack them over each others heads lol.

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