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Summer Snacks



I think it is time for some more recipes! As summer is approaching, I felt it was time for some fun and easy summer recipes, as the best thing to do to escape the heat is eat! In the summer I like to eat something cold (because of the heat obviously) and something sweet (not just a summer thing, more like an all-the-time craving).

Anyway, I have decided to share with you some of my favorite summer treats! They both are delicious and have very few ingredients and steps (and no actual cooking!) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Home-made mini popsicles



-Your juice of choice (I like pink lemonade or orange juice, but any will do! You can even use a smoothie!)

-Ice-cube trays (or real popsicle makers if you’re not as cool)

-Toothpicks/mini popsicle sticks




1. Fill the tray most of the way full


2. Cover with foil, pressing down to outline each section (this should keep the toothpicks in place)

3. Stick toothpicks into each section (try to not let it hit they bottom of the try)


4. Wait until fully frozen (overnight should do it), remove foil and enjoy!


Oreo Truffles


Ingredients/Supplies: makes about 25


-16 Oreos (crushed)

-4oz Cream Cheese

-about 6oz (its hard to say, just keep extra around to melt more if you run out) Chocolate to melt (I used Hershey’s Special Dark chips, but semi-sweet is most common)

-Wax paper

-Ziploc bag

-Baking sheet/plate


-Food Processor (optional)



Try not to lick your fingers until you finished all the truffles, but it’s ok if you do…I won’t tell 🙂

1. Place wax paper on plate

2. Crush Oreos-best in a food processor, but I don’t have one of those, so I put them in a Ziploc bag and went to town! If you do this, I would recommend double bagging them and finding a jar or something to roll on the bag in order to finely crush the pieces. *You want pieces very small, like powder

IMG_4167.JPG  IMG_4168.JPG

3. Mix most of your Oreo crumbs and the cream cheese until blended. This is difficult and feels weird at first, but it gets better!

IMG_4172.JPG  IMG_4173.JPG

4. Roll into balls (I like them really because they’re really rich)


5. Dip in the melted chocolate. Try rolling the ball in the chocolate and getting it out with a fork or holding it on a fork and pouring chocolate over it with a spoon

IMG_4179.JPG   IMG_4180.JPG

6. Set on tray and sprinkle with remaining Oreo crumbs


7. Refrigerate until firm (about 1 hour)

8. Enjoy!


What are your favorite summer recipes?

I hope you have a great summer and good luck beating the heat!




Room Decor



(Yes, that is Kim Possible’s bedroom. And if you don’t know who that is, SHAME ON YOU.)

As finals are approaching, I have decided to do what I do best: procrastinate. In my time wasting, I have realized how dull my room is, and have decided to spice it up a bit.

Now I have always wanted to be the person with pictures of me with friends all over my room and along my mirror like you see in the movies. However, I never seem to take pictures, and when I do…let’s just say I’m less than photogenic. Anyway, I don’t have many pictures where I am above the age of 8, so I found some other fun things to hang up. I have cards given to me, pictures that I or others have drawn, and my personal favorite, a bunch of pictures of hot guys my roommate gave me 🙂 *sidebar: randomly putting pictures of hot guys around the apartment for your roommate to find is a great birthday present!

Anyway, my point was that it could be anything, just as long as it is something you want to see everyday. Besides, the beauty of this project is that nothing is permanent. You will easily be able to take down a picture that has your now ex-boyfriend or ex-best friend in it if they have wronged you in any way.

Picture String (I know, creative name…What can I say? I have a gift)



String, twine, yarn, etc

Clothes pins (mini are best)

Thumb tacks/command hooks




1. Measure how long you want the string to be, and cut the string that length plus about two inches.

2. Tie both ends around the thumbtacks, and one in the middle. Stick one of them in the wall.

3. Pull the string straight across the wall. You don’t want too much slack, but you don’t need to pull it extremely tight.


4. Stick the middle thumbtack in the wall, then the last one.

5. Hang up your pictures!


*This also looks really cool with multiple stands above one another


Some other cool room ideas:

-Twinkle lights



Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 5.53.56 PM

-Curtains across the ceiling

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 5.56.39 PM

-Wall mural



Let me know if you have any other room decorating suggestions!



Vision Boards



This week, we are not just collaging, but collaging with a purpose! This may sounds cheesy, but the project I have for you is a vision board. Trust me, don’t nix it before you try it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m getting a little lost and need some help finding my way back. Summer is approaching, we can forget about school and get back to working on ourselves. Vision boards are a great way to help your clarity, focus, and self esteem. You are creating what you want your life to be, setting your goals. You can think about this as if you were actually writing out your goals, except we all know images and crazy fonts stick with us better than words on a page.

The Goal: Find images or phrases that represent what you want to be. Some people choose to go the physical route and select images of skinny or muscular people to help with their dieting, which is a perfectly legitimate use of a vision board. I however, prefer to go the more mental health route. I selected items that will remind me to always be optimistic, push through the hard times, and and become a better person. You can make yours career-oriented, family-oriented, personal, all of the above, or none of the above. This is whatever you want it to be.

How you choose to do it is up to you, there is no wrong way!



Card stock/ poster board (however big you want it, but regular paper size is probably good)                                               *colored is good so if you don’t fill every space, it won’t be white showing through

Magazines (any type will do, but get a lot of them!)


Glue Stick

Packing Tape (optional)



1. Find phrases, words, images, etc in a magazine that speak to you                                                                                            *You can print things off the computer or use real picture if you like                                                                                  *Find ANYTHING that means something to you. Even if it is part of an orange juice ad, cut out the part that you           like. My rule is that if you stop to think about it, rip it out. Worst that happens is you don’t use it!

                A couple ideas: 

                 If you want to write a book, look for pictures of a computer with someone typing

                 If you want to travel cut out or print out pictures of the places you want to go

                 If you want to lose weight find a picture of the physique you want to have 

                 If you want to get married, cut out a bride and groom or a wedding picture 

                 If you want to live on the ocean in a beautiful house, find a picture of that house on the ocean 

2. Cut them out and place them on your board (Don’t glue until you have all the pieces you want)

3. Glue them down in a creative way. Some people like things to be clean and orderly, I like things to be a little wacky so my images overlap and go in different directions. Do whatever speaks to you.

4. Optional:  Cover the entire thing in packing tape to keep nothing from falling off

5. Hang it up somewhere you will see it every day (closet doors, mirrors, etc)


I don’t have too many images of how to create a board for you because this is supposed to be all about YOU. There is no wrong way to make a vision board. Just think about the person you want to be and find things that will encourage you to get there. It can be crazy or calm, cluttered or clean whatever speaks to you.

I have included mine earlier, and now I have a few other boards to get your ideas flowing:

2012 vision board 1 dbee71a669faa7b1c784a3536b1a5052 Vision-Boards-0071 VisionBoard

I have also included a few links about vision boards that will hopefully give you some inspiration:

What is a Vision Board?

Do Vision Boards Really Work?

The Importance of Vision Boards


Dream big and let me know how it goes!


Easter Bunny



As we all know, Easter is just around the corner, so I thought my blog was due for another holiday craft session! What do you think of when you think of easter? Well it may not be the first thing we’re supposed to think about, but I think about Bunnies. The cute little animals that bring the Easter eggs!

I was inspired by this little furry creature, which is why my projects for this post are how to make your own eggs and carrots! And no, this is not a cooking post, I am going to show you how to make fake versions of these common easter decorations with materials you have laying around the house!

Both of the projects I have for you today are great for center pieces or decorations around your home to add a little festiveness and Easter spirit!

Paper Eggs


These are great for a center piece or to hang on the wall!


-Paper (colored or patterned on both sides-scrapbook paper will work well)





1. Cut at least 5 pieces of paper into an egg shape (I am using just solid colored paper so it is easier to see)  *I highly suggest drawing the shapes lightly with a pencil first


2. Line up all of the papers and staple down the middle.

IMG_6717  IMG_1344

3. Spread out the papers

IMG_1271  IMG_4454


Twine Carrots


What do bunnies eat? Carrots of course!


-Tall, fake grass or green pipe leaners or thinly cut green paper (I am just using the stems of fake flowers)

-Newspaper ( I am just using my recycling)

-Packing tape

-Twine, or other string if you don’t have any (beige or orange are best)                                                                                  *If you don’t have the right color, try this to dye it!



1. Remove flowers from stems (if necessary)


2. Mold the newspaper around the base of the grass into a carrot-esque shape

IMG_3941  IMG_4138

2. Use packing tape to secure the paper


3. Then put another layer of packing around the carrot, except this time, put the tape upside down, that’s right, sticky side up! This will allow the twine to easily stick to the carrot. (you may use hot glue to secure the twine, but I find tape easier)

4. Wrap the twine tightly around the way around the carrot



Here’s a list of cute ways to dye Easter Eggs that I thought y’all might enjoy!


My personal favorite type of bunny: CHOCOLATE!


P.S. Why is it that Easter is symbolized with bunnies and eggs, when bunnies don’t even lay eggs?

Tell me some of your favorite Easter crafts!

STOP: It’s Movie Time!


Cat watching movie

Yet again, I did nothing exciting with my weekend, or at least not what other people would consider “exciting.” And yet again, most of it was spent on the couch. I do however, want to make it clear that I do actually do things, okay? I go to class, study, see other people (sometimes), and exercise (on occasion). I am not a just complete slob that sits around watching TV and eating a bunch of junk food, although that does happen to be a big part of my routine.

My friend Sara recently did a post on her health blog about the importance of taking a break every now and then, and how she likes to do movie nights with her sisters. Well, I took this advice to heart, and decided to movie-marathon-it this past weekend.

On Saturday, we did the super heroes since I hadn’t seen most of them (I know, I was in great need of a movication): Kick-Ass, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, and Captain America (and then we went to see the new one-VERY good by the way)

On Sunday, don’t judge me, we took it back to the Disney Channel Original Movies-the old, better ones, not the new ones (let’s be real, early 2000’s Disney is WAY better than what they’ve got going on now!) We watched Jump In!, Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off, Read it and Weep, Stuck in the Suburbs, and Aquamarine (which I don’t think is Disney, but is still a classic!)

Anyway, I got in the movie spirit, and decided to do a movie marathon post to help give all of your marathons a little extra spice.

Here are some tips to a great movie marathon:

1. Junk food, obviously (I go for the twizzlers, recess, cookies, and basically anything i can reach: movie marathons are a no-judgement zone.)

2. Semi-real food to soak up some of the sugar (yes, pizza counts. Side bar: apparently the government has now declared pizza a vegetable! BEST. NEWS. EVER.)

3. Pillows and blankets (I personally am a fan of the Snuggie-no matter how cheesy it is, being able to reach for a snack without getting your arms cold is actually very exciting and greatly appreciated)

4. Great activities, duh!


OK, here comes the important part:

Movie Bingo

If you are rewatching a classic, this is a great one! Find small gems hidden throughout the movie or trivia questions and put them on a bingo card. Whoever wins gets to pick the next movie! (I recommend changing the order of the squares on each card so not everyone gets bingo at the same time)

Here is one I did for one of my all time favs “10 Things I Hate About You” (Also, If you haven’t seen this movie before, DO IT!! It is hilarious and just plain awesome)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.26.50 PM


The Mustache Eating Game (No, you will not be eating mustaches)

Cut out a mustache and tape it to the TV. Whenever a face lines up with it, everyone has to eat a handful of jelly beans without picking out the nasty flavors! Obviously, what you eat can change, however I like to go the jelly-bean route.            *Some may believe this is actually a drinking game, but let’s be real, eating is way more fun!

I tried this one with another classic, Easy A. Here is the hilarious Emma Stone all ‘stached-up:



Time to get a little more crafty!

Candy Coasters


These are great for movie night, or just to have in general! And they only take 3 steps to make!!


-ceramic/floor tile that is roughly 4×4 (I think 4 coasters is good, but you can do however many you want)

-Modge Podge-I like the gloss for this project (or slightly watered down school glue)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 3.02.26 PM

-paint brush (I like the cheap foam brushes)

-print out of favorite candy wrappers, movie posters, etc (also roughly 4×4 or a little smaller)                                             *Laser printed is best so the ink doesn’t run, or a magazine ad is also good


1. Brush a layer of glue onto the tile

2. Place the image on the tile

3. Brush another layer of glue on top of the image (really make sure to get your edges!)

That’s it! These are now sealed, although too much water/condensation still isn’t great for them.


I hope you enjoy your movie nights and all the fun crafts!

What’s your favorite marathon you’ve ever done? How do you make your movie marathons extra special?

Up-cycling: Wall Art Edition



Ok guys, I’m going to start off by apologizing, as it has been awhile since my last post. I have had such a crazy week, you wouldn’t believe it. Normally I don’t have too much going on, but of course everything piled up at the exact same time…welcome to my world.

I tried very hard to stay on top of things with different organizational strategies, which is just a fancy name I give my obsessive list making. I have many different lists constantly going, such as my “Please try to get this done” list, my “You actually HAVE to do this stuff” list, “Do this ASAP!” list, and of course, my “HOLY $*@! GET THIS DONE!!!” list. Unfortunately, I normally just look at my lists, get stressed out, and then do something else to calm me down. NOTE: this is NOT a recommended strategy for overcoming a heavy workload.

Anyway, the point of me telling you all of this is because my organization, or lack there of, is what inspired this post. I believe that in order to be productive you need a clean workspace, or at least this is what I tell myself to give me something to do besides the work I actually need to be doing. While I was cleaning, I found my stash of empty toilet paper rolls. Yes, I said toilet paper rolls. I never like to throw them away because I am convinced that I will do something awesome with them one day. Guess what….THAT DAY IS HERE!!

I have played around with different things to do with these rolls, and have come up with some good projects. I’ll show you how to make the base, and then give you some cool ideas that I’ve seen. Let’s get started!



Toilet paper rolls


Paint (optional)

Glue (hot glue of tacky glue works best)


They all start with the same basic steps:

1. Get rid of all the bits of toilet paper left on the roll

2. Flatten the roll

IMG_3933.JPG  IMG_3934.JPG

3. Cut the roll (short ways) into strips, about 5 times

IMG_3936.JPG  IMG_3937.JPG

4. If you want to, paint the strips inside and out, although I think just the brown can still look good.                                    **You can do this before you cut, although afterwards its easier to get the inside.                                                                     **You can also paint after the project is assembled, however if you do this, I would recommend spray paint.

5. Add a small drop of glue to one end of the strip, then clip it to another strip while it dries

IMG_3939.JPG  IMG_3940.JPG

6. Continue this until you have made a complete flower (5-6 strips)

IMG_3943.JPG  IMG_3944.JPG


Now it is up to you! I personally like just having the flowers up on the wall like so…


However I have also included a few other ideas. They basically all start with the flower, and expand from there.

Thrills Thrifty Finds


Happiness is Homemade 



Compartment Life

pinterest-1  finished

Christmas Spirit:




Good Luck and let me know how it goes!


Lazy Cake



Ok, so now that it’s officially spring break and I’ve gotten the cleaning out of the way, it’s time to kick back, relax, and do nothing all week! What more could you ask for? People always seem to want and go do a bunch of stuff over break, but I am just happy to have nothing to do, as it is a are occasion for me.

This week I have embraced my laziness to the fullest. I have enjoyed sleeping late, reading books for pleasure rather than assignments, and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

Also, my sweet tooth is kicking in, not that it isn’t always there, but now I have fewer distractions. However, because I have vowed to not get out of my pajamas all week, I am running out of food and refuse to go to the grocery store.

I did some surfing online, and found this great (and VERY easy) recipe for a flour-less chocolate mug cake. My sister is dairy and gluten-free, so I am always looking for recipes to try for her, and this one is definitely a winner! Not only is it delicious, but also is made in the microwave and only needs five ingredients-all of which are basic for baking so I happen to have them in my house! No real pants for me!

Flour-less Chocolate Mug Cake



3 Tbsp. Sugar

2 Tbsp. Cocoa

1 egg

Dash of vanilla extract

Sprinkle of salt



1. Add all ingredients into mug


2. Mix until smooth


3. Bake in microwave for 1 minute


The cake might puff up a bit while it’s baking, but it should come right back down once it’s done. Although it might seem a little spongey, this cake is surprisingly tasty given the limited ingredients.

A quick suggestion from my friend Yajaira, if you’re really lazy, don’t bother cleaning, just throw the cup away!

This cake is the perfect thing to solve that chocolate craving with just a few common ingredients so you never have to get out of your pajamas every again…my dream come true!

How will you be spending your Spring Break? I hope you are having a more exciting vacation than my TV marathon and setting the record for amount of time without leaving the house!

Spring Forward



I know it has been awhile since my last post, it’s been a hectic time. However, I’m back with some great projects the new season that is upon us: SPRING!

Most people associate a fresh start with the New Year, but I think it is better suited with Spring. This is the time of year when everything is bright, happy, and clean. You can go outside to enjoy the weather without sweating buckets, which is a rare occasion here in Texas. That is why we should take advantage of this nice weather before we begin to boil again.


Let’s start with the least fun, yet most important, part about having a fresh beginning this time of year: Spring Cleaning. How to do it, you ask? I have three words for you: PURGE PURGE PURGE. Take it from a hoarder herself, it’s difficult, but definitely worth it. Getting rid of some old junk and decluttering your home just makes you feel better and lighter.

Here are some purge guidelines:

1. If you haven’t worn it, used it, or seen it since the last time you decided to clean your house, get rid of it!

2. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to something just yet, put it in a box in the attic or garage. If you never find yourself looking for it within a year, throw it out then.

3. Be realistic. If you haven’t worn or used it since you bought it, it’s probably never going to happen.

4. And my personal favorite: sell it! If your stuff is decent, have a garage sale and make some money to go buy more stuff you’ll never use! 🙂

Next step: actually clean!

While you’re going through all of your stuff, get in those nooks and crannies with a dust buster and a mop! It’s time to dust every surface of your house and actually clean those floors, not just sweep the dirt off. You will feel so good and like you can actually breathe again!

*Click here for some homemade cleaning product recipes!

Just take a day or two, put on some rockin’ tunes, and sing your way through every room with a “give away” box and a mop in your hands. Trust me, it will be as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


Now let’s get to the fun stuff! Once you’ve cleaned your house, it’s time to add some springtime joy!

Spring is the time to brighten your life and your home. Open those curtains and let the sun fill your home. This is a great time to add some plants to your house or yard in order to really liven up the place. Painting or decorating pots is a great way to add even more color and joy to your home!

Try this quick and easy way to add some color to those walls!

Love Birds!



– Canvas or paper (card stock or water color paper is best-you might also want a frame)

-Paint brushes (smaller one for the birds and a medium-sized one for the background)

-Black Sharpie

-Paints (Black for the birds, and for the background, I recommend bright, happy colors, but nothing that will give you a headache)

*I just use Craft Smart acrylics from Michael’s (a.k.a. my second home)

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 7.51.35 PM


1. Decisions. I know, I hate making decisions too, but you first must decide what colors you want for the background. The background is the only color in the painting, so it is important to choose wisely. I don’t like to do just one solid color, instead I do a radial gradient (a fancy way of saying that my background will go from light to dark starting from the middle of the canvas.)

When deciding on colors, it is important to think about where you want to put the painting once you are done.  The colors don’t have to match perfectly, in fact it’s probably better if they don’t, but you just don’t want them to clash. You also need to decide the feel you want this painting to have. I am going to use yellows and oranges because not only do they match my living room, but they also give off a warm, happy feeling, perfect for spring. You want at least three different shades, but the difference between them not to be too strong. I will use a very light yellow, a golden yellow, and a yellow orange.

2. It’s time to start painting! First take or create you mid-tone color you want for the background and water it down a bit. You can do this by dipping the brush with water first, or getting a mall bowl and mixing water into the paint. You don’t want it to be too watery, you just want to lower the opacity of the paint. Paint the entire canvas with the watered down version. This will make sure no white comes through under your background.


3. Now take the lightest color you want in your background, and start by making a circle in the center of the canvas, then begin to widen it. I find it easier if my brush is always slightly wet. Then, take the mid color and slowly start to blend them together, if your brush is wet and you don’t let the paint dry too much in-between colors, it will be easier to blend. Also, I don’t wash my brush between colors, I find it creates for a smoother transition.)


Continue this until you have filled the entire canvas, using as many different shades as you want.

IMG_3716 IMG_3717

5. Edges! It is very important to paint the edges of your canvas. I like to continue my background into the edges, but you can also paint them a solid color like black, to match the birds.

6. Let the background dry. If you get too impatient (like me) you can try using a blowdryer to speed up the process.

7. Now we have to decide where we want the birds to be sitting. To create the line, you can use a small brush or a black marker. I like to make the line a little uneven in order to add more variety to the image. Make the line starting below the half way mark on the left, and continue the line to a lower point on the right.


8. Birds: The birds may seem tricky, but are actually quite simple. I am going to break them down into three basic shapes. If you feel uncomfortable using a brush for the birds, feel free to use a marker instead to give you more control, I know I prefer markers to brushes!

Let’s start with the bird on the far right. First make a heart (more tall/skinny than short and wide) with the bottom tip resting on the line. Tilt the heart ever so slightly to the left. Then draw a circle in between the two humps of the heart. Lastly, create a long, skinny triangle starting at the tip of the heart, down at a slight angle.


9. Repeat the same steps with the second bird, except tilt the heart slightly to the right, so they are leaning towards each other.  Fill in the shapes to make the birds into silhouette. Last but not least, draw a tiny heart in between their heads.

IMG_3723              IMG_3724

You’re done! All you have to do is sign it (bottom right corner or edge is best) and hang it up!

That’s all I have for y’all this week. I wish you all a very good fresh start with this upcoming spring! Happy cleaning and painting!

How are you getting ready for spring? Do you have any spring cleaning tips?

Anti-Valentine’s Day



As you all know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as National Singles Awareness Day. And if you are not as in loooove as everyone around you seems to be, you are more like me: unbelievably single.

That is why not only did I want to give you ideas for V-day gifts, but also to have a good (or bad, not sure how to phrase this) anti-Valentne’s Day.

May it be an anti-V-day party with friends or binge-watching netflix with a tube of cookie dough, as I will be doing, we’re all entitled to hating on the happy couples for this one day.
You’re in love, we get it. And we’re all happy for you, but there is no need to rub it in, which is why I will stay cooped up in my room wearing pajamas and making these crafts in honor of my single state.
Voodoo Dolls
purple button eyed string voodoo doll
This one requires a little more effort than most of my other crafts, but it’s worth it!
Pipe Cleaners (doesn’t matter the color, you’re covering it anyway!)
Embroidery Floss (or just colored string)
Wooden bead/ball
School glue
Hot glue (highly recommend, but not necessary)
Needle (only for relieving anger once doll is complete)
1. Skeleton: Fold a pipe cleaner in half, and hot glue middle into the wooden bead
2. Body: Bend pipe cleaners about an inch away from head to make arms, then back to the middle. Then bend remaining length in half for the legs-it basically makes a star shape. If your pipe cleaners are very fuzzy, you may need to trim them
string doll body forming 2
3. Mummy: Tie the end of your yarn around the doll’s waist, then start wrapping! You want to wrap the entire body, including the head. If the yarn keeps slipping, feel free to use some glue (you will definitely need some hot glue on the bead)
pipecleaner dolls with kids string wooden bead yarn embroidery flossmaking string dolls
It’s ok if a little pipe cleaner sticks out around the hands and feet
       * If you like the mummy look, feel free to stop now, but I recommend you keep going!
mummy bodies string yarn dolls
4.  Clothes: Next you will wrap the body in the colored embroidery floss. I would recommend starting by tying the end to the doll. You can use different colors to give the doll a shirt and pants. Again, feel free to use glue (especially on the hands and feet).
string dolls handmade tutorial
I would also suggest spreading some school glue over the back of the doll to really keep the string in place.glue on backs
5. Personalize: This is where you can really have some fun. You can glue on googley eyes, buttons, felt pieces, or even a picture of your ex!
wrapped bodies
6. Stab away (but only the doll!)
These are great for party favors or just to spread all that ‘looove’ you’re feeling on this special day.
lollipops (the flat ones work the best)
paper (colored is better -probably not red or pink)
1. Cut the paper so when you fold it over, it covers the entire head of the lollipop. It can be different depending on the size lollipops you have, but mine is 4 inches
2. Write your message on both sides of the paper. Make sure you right them in different directions, so when you fold it, the message can be read from both sides
ideas: “You Suck.” “Sucker.” “Suck it.”
3. Fold the paper over the head of the lollipop, and staple it around the edges
4. Spread the Anti-Valentine’s Day spirit!
Those are just a couple ideas I had to share my loving spirit of this day. I hope all of you have a better V-Day than those annoyingly happy couples! Let me know how you celebrate Single Awareness Day!
*And don’t forget the cookie dough and nutella so you can cope with your feelings the healthy way-by eating them.

Valentine’s Day for the Love Birds



While I personally do not condone this holiday, simply because I am outrageously single, I can understand why those annoyingly happy people want something special on the 14th of February. That is why I have put together a few ideas to give your Valentine something hand-made and personal.

“Origami” Fortune Cookie


Don’t let the word Origami fool you, you only have to make like one and a half folds in this one!


Paper cut into a 4″ circle (can have a design or you can make one yourself!)

Paper cut into a 3-4″ long rectangle  for the fortune (type it or hand write it to make it extra personal)

Glue or tape


1. Carefully fold the circle in half to make a crease only in the middle of the fold (about 1″)

2.  Place a little glue, double stick tape, or a small piece of rolled tape on either side of the crease, as pictured


3. Place your fortune inside the slightly folded circle

4. Slightly push the center of the crease into the rest of the circle, move your finger quickly so the glue/tape can stick to the other side


5. Give to your date!

Cards can be the most important part of a Valentine’s Day gift because that is where you can really tell that person how you feel. you can be as funny or mushy as you want. I think hand-made cards are the best because it shows you really put the effort and thought into your grift.

The Love Bug

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Colored paper/tissue paper



Googley eyes (optional)


1. Cut three small hearts out of each color paper, one large heart out of one of the colors, and two tiny hearts out of the other color

2. Glue them onto the front of the card, alternating colors (see image above)

3. With the marker, add legs, antenna, and a face

4. Glue googley eyes on, or draw on eyes if you don’t have any

5. Write a cute message on the inside and give it to the one you love!

I got a little help with these last couple cards, but they’re so cute I had to share them! They are simple

We Fit Together


All you need are a couple puzzle pieces and paint them red, or you can draw your own!

Perfect Match


Take out all but two matches from a matchbook, write “We’re a Perfect Match” on the inside, and glue it onto the from of a card!

Flip a Coin

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.22.37 PM

Just attach a quarter to your card to make a super cute Valentine!

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift? Have you ever made your own gifts?

I hope you all obnoxiously in love people have a good Valentine’s Day while I stay at home with my Valentine….