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Easter Bunny



As we all know, Easter is just around the corner, so I thought my blog was due for another holiday craft session! What do you think of when you think of easter? Well it may not be the first thing we’re supposed to think about, but I think about Bunnies. The cute little animals that bring the Easter eggs!

I was inspired by this little furry creature, which is why my projects for this post are how to make your own eggs and carrots! And no, this is not a cooking post, I am going to show you how to make fake versions of these common easter decorations with materials you have laying around the house!

Both of the projects I have for you today are great for center pieces or decorations around your home to add a little festiveness and Easter spirit!

Paper Eggs


These are great for a center piece or to hang on the wall!


-Paper (colored or patterned on both sides-scrapbook paper will work well)





1. Cut at least 5 pieces of paper into an egg shape (I am using just solid colored paper so it is easier to see)  *I highly suggest drawing the shapes lightly with a pencil first


2. Line up all of the papers and staple down the middle.

IMG_6717  IMG_1344

3. Spread out the papers

IMG_1271  IMG_4454


Twine Carrots


What do bunnies eat? Carrots of course!


-Tall, fake grass or green pipe leaners or thinly cut green paper (I am just using the stems of fake flowers)

-Newspaper ( I am just using my recycling)

-Packing tape

-Twine, or other string if you don’t have any (beige or orange are best)                                                                                  *If you don’t have the right color, try this to dye it!



1. Remove flowers from stems (if necessary)


2. Mold the newspaper around the base of the grass into a carrot-esque shape

IMG_3941  IMG_4138

2. Use packing tape to secure the paper


3. Then put another layer of packing around the carrot, except this time, put the tape upside down, that’s right, sticky side up! This will allow the twine to easily stick to the carrot. (you may use hot glue to secure the twine, but I find tape easier)

4. Wrap the twine tightly around the way around the carrot



Here’s a list of cute ways to dye Easter Eggs that I thought y’all might enjoy!


My personal favorite type of bunny: CHOCOLATE!


P.S. Why is it that Easter is symbolized with bunnies and eggs, when bunnies don’t even lay eggs?

Tell me some of your favorite Easter crafts!


Anti-Valentine’s Day



As you all know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, otherwise known as National Singles Awareness Day. And if you are not as in loooove as everyone around you seems to be, you are more like me: unbelievably single.

That is why not only did I want to give you ideas for V-day gifts, but also to have a good (or bad, not sure how to phrase this) anti-Valentne’s Day.

May it be an anti-V-day party with friends or binge-watching netflix with a tube of cookie dough, as I will be doing, we’re all entitled to hating on the happy couples for this one day.
You’re in love, we get it. And we’re all happy for you, but there is no need to rub it in, which is why I will stay cooped up in my room wearing pajamas and making these crafts in honor of my single state.
Voodoo Dolls
purple button eyed string voodoo doll
This one requires a little more effort than most of my other crafts, but it’s worth it!
Pipe Cleaners (doesn’t matter the color, you’re covering it anyway!)
Embroidery Floss (or just colored string)
Wooden bead/ball
School glue
Hot glue (highly recommend, but not necessary)
Needle (only for relieving anger once doll is complete)
1. Skeleton: Fold a pipe cleaner in half, and hot glue middle into the wooden bead
2. Body: Bend pipe cleaners about an inch away from head to make arms, then back to the middle. Then bend remaining length in half for the legs-it basically makes a star shape. If your pipe cleaners are very fuzzy, you may need to trim them
string doll body forming 2
3. Mummy: Tie the end of your yarn around the doll’s waist, then start wrapping! You want to wrap the entire body, including the head. If the yarn keeps slipping, feel free to use some glue (you will definitely need some hot glue on the bead)
pipecleaner dolls with kids string wooden bead yarn embroidery flossmaking string dolls
It’s ok if a little pipe cleaner sticks out around the hands and feet
       * If you like the mummy look, feel free to stop now, but I recommend you keep going!
mummy bodies string yarn dolls
4.  Clothes: Next you will wrap the body in the colored embroidery floss. I would recommend starting by tying the end to the doll. You can use different colors to give the doll a shirt and pants. Again, feel free to use glue (especially on the hands and feet).
string dolls handmade tutorial
I would also suggest spreading some school glue over the back of the doll to really keep the string in place.glue on backs
5. Personalize: This is where you can really have some fun. You can glue on googley eyes, buttons, felt pieces, or even a picture of your ex!
wrapped bodies
6. Stab away (but only the doll!)
These are great for party favors or just to spread all that ‘looove’ you’re feeling on this special day.
lollipops (the flat ones work the best)
paper (colored is better -probably not red or pink)
1. Cut the paper so when you fold it over, it covers the entire head of the lollipop. It can be different depending on the size lollipops you have, but mine is 4 inches
2. Write your message on both sides of the paper. Make sure you right them in different directions, so when you fold it, the message can be read from both sides
ideas: “You Suck.” “Sucker.” “Suck it.”
3. Fold the paper over the head of the lollipop, and staple it around the edges
4. Spread the Anti-Valentine’s Day spirit!
Those are just a couple ideas I had to share my loving spirit of this day. I hope all of you have a better V-Day than those annoyingly happy couples! Let me know how you celebrate Single Awareness Day!
*And don’t forget the cookie dough and nutella so you can cope with your feelings the healthy way-by eating them.

Valentine’s Day for the Love Birds



While I personally do not condone this holiday, simply because I am outrageously single, I can understand why those annoyingly happy people want something special on the 14th of February. That is why I have put together a few ideas to give your Valentine something hand-made and personal.

“Origami” Fortune Cookie


Don’t let the word Origami fool you, you only have to make like one and a half folds in this one!


Paper cut into a 4″ circle (can have a design or you can make one yourself!)

Paper cut into a 3-4″ long rectangle  for the fortune (type it or hand write it to make it extra personal)

Glue or tape


1. Carefully fold the circle in half to make a crease only in the middle of the fold (about 1″)

2.  Place a little glue, double stick tape, or a small piece of rolled tape on either side of the crease, as pictured


3. Place your fortune inside the slightly folded circle

4. Slightly push the center of the crease into the rest of the circle, move your finger quickly so the glue/tape can stick to the other side


5. Give to your date!

Cards can be the most important part of a Valentine’s Day gift because that is where you can really tell that person how you feel. you can be as funny or mushy as you want. I think hand-made cards are the best because it shows you really put the effort and thought into your grift.

The Love Bug

55c7d2c4722b6bc109d6cac8f8c6e7d3 copy


Colored paper/tissue paper



Googley eyes (optional)


1. Cut three small hearts out of each color paper, one large heart out of one of the colors, and two tiny hearts out of the other color

2. Glue them onto the front of the card, alternating colors (see image above)

3. With the marker, add legs, antenna, and a face

4. Glue googley eyes on, or draw on eyes if you don’t have any

5. Write a cute message on the inside and give it to the one you love!

I got a little help with these last couple cards, but they’re so cute I had to share them! They are simple

We Fit Together


All you need are a couple puzzle pieces and paint them red, or you can draw your own!

Perfect Match


Take out all but two matches from a matchbook, write “We’re a Perfect Match” on the inside, and glue it onto the from of a card!

Flip a Coin

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.22.37 PM

Just attach a quarter to your card to make a super cute Valentine!

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift? Have you ever made your own gifts?

I hope you all obnoxiously in love people have a good Valentine’s Day while I stay at home with my Valentine….