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STOP: It’s Movie Time!


Cat watching movie

Yet again, I did nothing exciting with my weekend, or at least not what other people would consider “exciting.” And yet again, most of it was spent on the couch. I do however, want to make it clear that I do actually do things, okay? I go to class, study, see other people (sometimes), and exercise (on occasion). I am not a just complete slob that sits around watching TV and eating a bunch of junk food, although that does happen to be a big part of my routine.

My friend Sara recently did a post on her health blog about the importance of taking a break every now and then, and how she likes to do movie nights with her sisters. Well, I took this advice to heart, and decided to movie-marathon-it this past weekend.

On Saturday, we did the super heroes since I hadn’t seen most of them (I know, I was in great need of a movication): Kick-Ass, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, and Captain America (and then we went to see the new one-VERY good by the way)

On Sunday, don’t judge me, we took it back to the Disney Channel Original Movies-the old, better ones, not the new ones (let’s be real, early 2000’s Disney is WAY better than what they’ve got going on now!) We watched Jump In!, Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off, Read it and Weep, Stuck in the Suburbs, and Aquamarine (which I don’t think is Disney, but is still a classic!)

Anyway, I got in the movie spirit, and decided to do a movie marathon post to help give all of your marathons a little extra spice.

Here are some tips to a great movie marathon:

1. Junk food, obviously (I go for the twizzlers, recess, cookies, and basically anything i can reach: movie marathons are a no-judgement zone.)

2. Semi-real food to soak up some of the sugar (yes, pizza counts. Side bar: apparently the government has now declared pizza a vegetable! BEST. NEWS. EVER.)

3. Pillows and blankets (I personally am a fan of the Snuggie-no matter how cheesy it is, being able to reach for a snack without getting your arms cold is actually very exciting and greatly appreciated)

4. Great activities, duh!


OK, here comes the important part:

Movie Bingo

If you are rewatching a classic, this is a great one! Find small gems hidden throughout the movie or trivia questions and put them on a bingo card. Whoever wins gets to pick the next movie! (I recommend changing the order of the squares on each card so not everyone gets bingo at the same time)

Here is one I did for one of my all time favs “10 Things I Hate About You” (Also, If you haven’t seen this movie before, DO IT!! It is hilarious and just plain awesome)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.26.50 PM


The Mustache Eating Game (No, you will not be eating mustaches)

Cut out a mustache and tape it to the TV. Whenever a face lines up with it, everyone has to eat a handful of jelly beans without picking out the nasty flavors! Obviously, what you eat can change, however I like to go the jelly-bean route.            *Some may believe this is actually a drinking game, but let’s be real, eating is way more fun!

I tried this one with another classic, Easy A. Here is the hilarious Emma Stone all ‘stached-up:



Time to get a little more crafty!

Candy Coasters


These are great for movie night, or just to have in general! And they only take 3 steps to make!!


-ceramic/floor tile that is roughly 4×4 (I think 4 coasters is good, but you can do however many you want)

-Modge Podge-I like the gloss for this project (or slightly watered down school glue)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 3.02.26 PM

-paint brush (I like the cheap foam brushes)

-print out of favorite candy wrappers, movie posters, etc (also roughly 4×4 or a little smaller)                                             *Laser printed is best so the ink doesn’t run, or a magazine ad is also good


1. Brush a layer of glue onto the tile

2. Place the image on the tile

3. Brush another layer of glue on top of the image (really make sure to get your edges!)

That’s it! These are now sealed, although too much water/condensation still isn’t great for them.


I hope you enjoy your movie nights and all the fun crafts!

What’s your favorite marathon you’ve ever done? How do you make your movie marathons extra special?