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Valentine’s Day for the Love Birds



While I personally do not condone this holiday, simply because I am outrageously single, I can understand why those annoyingly happy people want something special on the 14th of February. That is why I have put together a few ideas to give your Valentine something hand-made and personal.

“Origami” Fortune Cookie


Don’t let the word Origami fool you, you only have to make like one and a half folds in this one!


Paper cut into a 4″ circle (can have a design or you can make one yourself!)

Paper cut into a 3-4″ long rectangle ¬†for the fortune (type it or hand write it to make it extra personal)

Glue or tape


1. Carefully fold the circle in half to make a crease only in the middle of the fold (about 1″)

2.  Place a little glue, double stick tape, or a small piece of rolled tape on either side of the crease, as pictured


3. Place your fortune inside the slightly folded circle

4. Slightly push the center of the crease into the rest of the circle, move your finger quickly so the glue/tape can stick to the other side


5. Give to your date!

Cards can be the most important part of a Valentine’s Day gift because that is where you can really tell that person how you feel. you can be as funny or mushy as you want. I think hand-made cards are the best because it shows you really put the effort and thought into your grift.

The Love Bug

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Colored paper/tissue paper



Googley eyes (optional)


1. Cut three small hearts out of each color paper, one large heart out of one of the colors, and two tiny hearts out of the other color

2. Glue them onto the front of the card, alternating colors (see image above)

3. With the marker, add legs, antenna, and a face

4. Glue googley eyes on, or draw on eyes if you don’t have any

5. Write a cute message on the inside and give it to the one you love!

I got a little help with these last couple cards, but they’re so cute I had to share them! They are simple

We Fit Together


All you need are a couple puzzle pieces and paint them red, or you can draw your own!

Perfect Match


Take out all but two matches from a matchbook, write “We’re a Perfect Match” on the inside, and glue it onto the from of a card!

Flip a Coin

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.22.37 PM

Just attach a quarter to your card to make a super cute Valentine!

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift? Have you ever made your own gifts?

I hope you all obnoxiously in love people have a good Valentine’s Day while I stay at home with my Valentine….